Lindsey Graham is throwing it all away

Senator Lindsey Graham went on Fox News on Thursday to declare that he was no longer friends with Joe Biden because of what happened in Afghanistan. Graham conveniently has forgotten, like the other Trumpublicans, that Trump actually set up the fiasco in Afghanistan by personally meeting with the Taliban and making a deal with the oppressors to pull our troops out, sticking Biden with another Trump lose-lose mess to clean up.

Attacking Joe Biden to score political points isn’t new for Graham, as he previously raised a faux fuss about hiring a special prosecutor to investigate Hunter Biden. Later, Graham apologized about it to Joe Biden.

Another matter that Graham might want to apologize to Joe Biden about, is Graham’s calls to election officials in Georgia in a underhanded attempt to throw the election to his puppet string puller, Boss Trump.

In more peaceful days in 2015, Graham held a very low opinion of Trump and a very high opinion of his former friend, calling Joe Biden a good man and one of the nicest people he had met in politics. Lindsay Graham is the consummate spineless back-stabber. He is a true Trumpublican.

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