Lindsey Graham goes berserk as Donald Trump circles the drain

Some of you are reading the headline of this article and thinking, “Hasn’t Lindsey Graham been off the deep end for awhile?” That’s correct, of course. But today the once-reasonable Republican Senator decided to crank his level of corrupt derangedness all the way up to eleven.

By now you’ve surely heard that the House voted unanimously in favor of a resolution stating that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report should be publicly released. That’s right, this is legislation that calls for a report about Donald Trump’s crimes to be made public, and not a single House Republican voted against it. Translation: they think Trump is toast, and when they run for reelection, they don’t want to have to answer questions about how they tried to protect him in the end. That of course means that the legislation now moves over to the Senate.

This next part should be easy, right? If House Republicans unanimously supported it, then most Senate Republicans are going to vote for it as well. Even if Mitch McConnell wanted to scuttle a vote, his own GOP ranks would force his hand. But now Lindsey Graham is trying to hold up the vote by insisting that an amendment be added that appoints a second Special Counsel to investigate the people who are investigating Trump’s crimes.

That’s right, Lindsey Graham has now gone full tinfoil hat conspiracy theorist demon. We think a Special Counsel should be appointed to investigate how Donald Trump and the Kremlin have managed to turn Graham, and whether the personal emails he admits were hacked in 2016 are being used to blackmail him.

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