Lindsey Graham cries like a baby after Colonel Vindman destroys Donald Trump’s presidency

Late on Monday evening, U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman let it be known that he plans to testify to the House impeachment inquiry on Tuesday that he personally witnessed Donald Trump’s fateful Ukraine phone call and other proof that Trump was running a quid pro quo extortion scheme. Suffice it to say that Trump’s most cartoonish cheerleader Lindsey Graham didn’t exactly take the news well.

Lindsey Graham quoted the Vindman news and then had a meltdown about it. He tweeted that ” Democrats continue to leak behind closed door testimony to damage President Donald Trump,” while ignoring the fact that Colonel Vindman released his opening statement to the media himself.

Graham also offered up this golden nugget: “As to Colonel, he’s entitled to his opinion about the phone call. I read the transcript and found nothing wrong with it.” That’s fascinating, considering that no transcript has ever been released, and the Trump White House instead merely released someone’s (likely heavily edited) “notes” about the phone call. Graham then said this about the impeachment process: “It should come to an immediate end.”

That’s right, now that Donald Trump has been completely exposed by a respected military officer who witnessed the whole thing, Lindsey Graham is now invoking the old tried and true strategy of just demanding that impeachment magically come to an end. The only thing that’s going to come to an end around here is Trump’s presidency, as Colonel Vindman is the kind of witness who’s going to take Trump down.

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