Donald Trump has completely berserk meltdown in the middle of the night after learning about Colonel Vindman’s testimony

Now that we’ve all learned that U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman is just hours away from testifying to the House impeachment inquiry that he personally witnessed Donald Trump’s Ukraine extortion scandal, just how bad is it for Trump? Let’s ask him, as he’s currently melting down about impeachment in the middle of the night.

Not long after the news broke, Donald Trump tweeted this, which he attributed to J.J. Crovatto: “Americans know by now that the Impeachment inquiry is just another hoax and silent coup to remove the President from office.” Wait a minute, who is J.J. Crovatto? Best we can tell, he’s a guy who is best known for writing sternly worded letters to newspaper editors and occasionally getting them published. That’s right, Trump is now reduced to quoting letters to the editor.

Trump then moved on to quoting Fox News, while adding that “The Do Nothing Dems are Doing Nothing!” That might be the world’s least true tautology. Then Trump turned his attention to House Intelligence Community Chairman Adam Schiff, asserting that “Schiff should be Impeached, and worse!” We’re almost afraid to ask what “worse” is supposed to mean; Trump has previously called for Schiff’s arrest.

The bottom line is that Donald Trump is completely melting down in frantic and berserk fashion, now that it’s become clear that Colonel Vindman’s testimony is going to destroy him. Trump isn’t the only one panicking tonight; his wackadoodle sidekick Lindsey Graham is acting like someone took his pacifier away.

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