Lindsey Graham is completely cracking

Maybe Senator Lindsey “Kompromat” Graham thought nobody was looking way back a few weeks ago when he opened the Senate Judiciary Committee’s hearing by asking Attorney General William Barr to investigate Hillary Rodham Clinton. KomproGraham and his Republican colleagues sought assurances from Barr that he had concerns about the conduct of some Obama administration officials and that he had a team looking into the decision to issue the surveillance warrant. Graham also turned the occasion into an opportunity to talk about the emails on Clinton’s server.

On Tuesday, Graham now appears to be worried about the state of affairs in the District of Columbia, stating: “I’m afraid that we’re beginning to prosecute each other for political reasons and I don’t want any part of that. I don’t want any part of destroying the Biden family, the Trump family … Having said that, Don Jr. is not above the law. Neither is Hunter Biden.”

Even though Graham made that statement about nobody being above the law, it came just two days after he publicly advised Junior not to appear in response to a subpoena, causing #ResignLindseyGraham to trend on Twitter, as he was arguably committing felony witness tampering.

This is the same Graham who during the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings made every comment a political one, and attacked the Clintons and the Democrats and promised hell to pay once he became the Chair of the committee. He is now Chair, and he’s using it as a bullying pulpit to aid and abet Trump. Something has happened to KomproGraham. This flip of his views and positions and completely becoming a political hack is not who he was a few years ago, when he had nothing but negatives to say about “President” Donald Trump.

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