Donald Trump is even further gone than we thought

In the hours since the Alabama Senate passed a hideous and plainly unconstitutional bill banning abortion, every 2020 Democratic candidate for president has boldly spoken up in opposition to it. This morning we were waiting to see what Donald Trump would say about it. After all, the GOP’s anti-abortion position is popular within the party, but toxic for mainstream voters.

Instead of tackling the anti-abortion controversy, Donald Trump went off in a different direction entirely. And when we say “went off” we mean just shy of “got confused and wandered off.” Trump has spent the day posting tweets that are vain and idiotic even by his extraordinarily low standards. After Eric Trump referenced a claim that Donald Trump looks “twenty years younger than a lot of Democratic candidates,” Donald retweeted this, and added “the BRAIN is much sharper also!” But this was just the start of the idiocy.

Donald Trump, who apparently just recently figured out that Eric Trump is his son, went on to quote Eric again – this time with the claim that New York has “gone to shit.” We think that might have something to do with the fact that New York City keeps taking the Trump name off one building after another, even as New York State digs into Trump’s financial records in the hope of exposing his lifetime of crime.

So there you have it. Instead of publicly siding with Alabama’s anti-abortion bill in the hope of stirring up his far right base, or perhaps strategically pushing back against it a bit in the hope of broadening his support, Donald Trump decided to focus on how young he looks and how smart he is. Trump has always been a joke to begin with, but at this point he’s so far gone, he’s coming off as a parody of the joke.

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