Like clockwork

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– Palmer Report made fun of Donald Trump for not having tweeted anything in more than ten hours. Just minutes after we did so, Trump tweeted something. We’ve still got the touch.

– Republican Senator David Perdue, who’s currently facing a runoff election in Georgia, hasn’t been seen in nine days. We know this because Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff has been counting the days.

– President elect Joe Biden’s White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain said tonight that Biden will have a “COVID coordinator who works in the White House, who direct access to him, and will be briefing him daily, and otherwise as needed on the response to the COVID crisis.” What a night and day difference from Trump.

– Tweet of the day from Congressman Eric Swalwell, addressed to Donald Trump: “Golden Goose < Orange Turkey. You're still president for 69 more days, and COVID-19 is raging out of control. Stop carping about your TV ratings and do your damned job for once."