Legal expert says upcoming Trump Organization indictments are just the start of things

If the reporting from the New York Times is correct, then the Manhattan District Attorney’s office will criminally indict the Trump Organization this upcoming week. But that’s not the same thing as indicting Donald Trump and his family members individually. So what’s really going on?

Former Assistant U.S. Attorney Richard Signorelli believes that the criminal indictments will end up being for much more serious matters than mere untaxed fringe benefits. He also says that it’s “likely that the initial indictment will not be the final indictment” – a sentiment that Palmer Report has been driving home all weekend. Multi-tiered criminal investigations nearly always start at the bottom and work their way up.

As for where the New York criminal case is heading, Signorelli says that “There is no question in my mind that Trump himself, along with his vile adult children, are the ultimate targets.”


This lines up with what Palmer Report has been saying about the New York criminal case from the start: the DA’s office didn’t make this much noise just to nail a peon like Allen Weisselberg for a financial violation and then call it a day. This massive, years-long criminal case was always about taking down Donald Trump and potentially his family members. It’s now becoming clear just how far along the DA’s office is in this process – but the real fireworks are still yet to come after the initial indictments.

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