Lauren Boebert’s top staffer resigns as everything falls apart for her

Last night Palmer Report pointed to Republican Congresswoman Lauren Boebert’s worsening meltdowns on Twitter and asked how much longer she was going to last before she melted down completely. Now she’s received some news that’s not exactly going to help her keep it together.

Boebert’s Communications Director has resigned today, according to Axios. This is a big deal because Boebert is brand new in the House, and so is her staff. Her Communications Director thought he’d be taking the job for at least two years, and he barely lasted a week before he’d seen enough.


Notably, Lauren Boebert’s Communications Director was okay with Boebert being a gun addicted QAnon freak when he signed on to work for her – but what’s transpired over the past ten days has apparently sent him running for the exits. Boebert openly incited insurrection on the House floor on January 6th, and then she repeatedly tweeted Speaker Pelosi’s location while the Capitol was under siege. We won’t be shocked if this ends with Boebert’s resignation. This is all falling apart for her rather quickly now.

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