What is Lauren Boebert so afraid of?

After the January 6th domestic terrorist attack against the United States Capitol, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi brought in respected retired General Russel L. Honoré to immediately investigate. Based on his findings, Pelosi announced a 9/11 style commission to fully investigate the matter.

Suffice it to say that the Sedition Caucus isn’t very happy about this. For one thing, Honoré speaks his mind and pulls no punches. Worse for them, the commission is going to get to the bottom of why certain Republicans cheered on the terrorists and tweeted certain things during the attack.

It turns out Lauren Boebert is particularly worried about this. So now she’s trying to taint the entire process by attacking Honoré. She tweeted this: “Nancy Pelosi has tapped a man who has called Josh Hawley a “piece of sh*t” and said that I should be placed on a no-fly list to lead the Capitol security review. How is someone who is so outwardly partisan going to conduct an impartial investigation?”

The trouble for Boebert is that most Americans agree Josh Hawley is a piece of shit, and by the Republicans’ own standards, Boebert probably should be on a terrorism no fly list while things are investigated. The Sedition Caucus isn’t helping its cause by whining about the investigation. Boebert and Hawley would do better to just resign and lay low, so they’re forgotten by the time the commission publishes its findings.

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