This just keeps getting worse for Ted Cruz

This week has perhaps been the worst week Mr. Ted Cruz has had in a while, and it’s a crisis entirely of his own making. If the shamed Senator had just stayed in Texas and done his part to help his constituents, all this would not have happened. Alas, Flyin’ Ted chose instead to shame both himself and his family by jetting off to Mexico and lie about his reasons for doing so after getting caught red-handed.

You’d think that would be enough for him, but apparently, he wants to be shamed even more. On Saturday night, Mr. (I will not refer to him as “Senator”) Cruz posted what appeared to be photos of himself handing out water to Texans. He included this lovely hashtag: #Texas strong.

Well, Cruz got one thing right. Texas is strong. But that is no thanks to the cowardly Senator. Cruz’s photos were promptly met with jeers and taunts, with many suggesting the images were “a staged photo op.” Indeed, that is what they appear to be, and we are confident Mr. Cruz knows it.


With the roasting he took from Saturday Night Live plus the backfiring of this ridiculous photo op, it appears that creepy Cruz’s life is not going to return to normal anytime soon. And for that, he has nobody to blame but his cowardly self.

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