It’s one of those laugh-out-loud days

In the minds of Donald Trump and his enablers, Trump solved race relations in America today, and also earned himself a Nobel Peace Prize for solving Korea today. Of course two situations were both manufactured as artificial stunts by Trump and his allies, and neither is going to work out particularly well for him. It’s a reminder of how comically far off the rails Trump’s side can wander when it chooses to believe its own bullshit. In fact one of them has already blown up in his face.

Trump set his stooge Kanye West in motion this week in an effort at distracting from the fact that his attorney Michael Cohen was pleading the fifth. Kanye’s tweets of support for Trump only served to cost him large chunks of his own fan base, even as he was rebuked by various members of the black community. Chance The Rapper posted a tweet aimed at taking the heat off his friend Kanye, which Trump mistook for a sign of support.

Today Trump tweeted “Kanye West has performed a great service to the Black Community – Big things are happening and eyes are being opened for the first time in Decades – Legacy Stuff! Thank you also to Chance and Dr. Darrell Scott, they really get it.” This prompted Chance to tweet “My fault yo” while posting a lengthy apology for having unwittingly handed Trump the chance to gloat. Chance The Rapper stated “I would never support anyone who has made a career out of hatred, racism, and discrimination.” In other words, Chance gets it – just not in the way Trump would like.

Even as this was playing out, Vladimir Putin’s puppet Kim Jong Un of North Korea was busy pretending to negotiate peace with South Korea. It’s painfully clear what’s happening here: Donald Trump is in desperate need of a win, so Putin is handing him one. But as always, Trump and his side took things too far. Lindsey Graham began talking about Trump winning a Nobel Peace Prize. That prompted immediate widespread scorn across social media.

There is no chance that the Nobel committee would give a peace prize to a treasonous criminal like Donald Trump whose entire political career is based on hatred, divisiveness, threats to put his political adversaries in prison, and outright calls for violence. But because Trump’s side has floated the idea, it only serves to place more scrutiny on what’s really playing out with North Korea right now. It’s like when Milli Vanilli won a Grammy, causing people to pay more attention and figure out that they were lip syncing. Kim Jong Un won’t play along forever, and this will blow up in Trump’s face – just like the Kanye thing already has.

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