Donald Trump may have unwittingly given a gift to Melania after all

While continuing to gaslight authorities and the American people, Donald J. Trump admitted yesterday on Fox & Friends that he didn’t have time to get his wife a gift for her birthday. Some would say that Donald underestimated himself. It seems that he may have given his wife several gifts contained in their prenuptial agreement as well as the Constitution.

It’s difficult to imagine Donald J.Trump going to such extreme lengths to keep so many of his “extracurricular activities” confidential if there were no financial consequences for getting caught. For cheaters like Donald, the idea of losing their financial status is far more frightening than losing a wife. The justification for staying married among cheating husbands with money to lose is that “It’s cheaper to keep her.”

With Donald’s admission of guilt involving infidelity, Donald gave his wife all of the heartache and humiliation needed to obtain a favorable divorce settlement on her behalf. However, with speculation mounting that Donald’s assets will eventually be seized by the Feds, depending on how mad and upset Melania is, Donald’s second gift could bring her the type of comfort that money can’t buy.

In addition to confessing to adultery and lying about it, Donald Trump also confessed on-air to spending enough time in Moscow to substantiate key aspects of the Steele Dossier. This admission could end up being the best gift of all for a woman scorned seeking the ultimate revenge. Donald’s Moscow admission further implicates her husband in a plot to overthrow the United States government with the help of our political enemies in Russia. While Donald thinks he didn’t get his wife anything for her birthday, albeit a mixed bag, some women wouldn’t consider the day to be a complete loss.

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