Donald Trump tries deranged last ditch border stunt

Donald Trump has lost his border wall and government shutdown fight – and his phony threat about declaring a “national emergency” has simply been laughed at. Instead of accepting that he’s lost, reopening the government, and trying to change the subject, Trump is instead doubling down on his failed shutdown with a whole new level of high profile absurdity. From the looks of it, Trump’s latest stunt is about to go completely off the rails.

Just before noon eastern time today, Sarah Huckabee Sanders tweeted that Donald Trump will visit the U.S.-Mexico border on Thursday “to meet with those on the frontlines of the national security and humanitarian crisis.” Obviously, Trump is planning to try to manufacture some kind of problem while he’s at the border, so he can use it as an excuse to push his racist wall agenda. Then two hours later Trump tweeted that he’ll be delivering a nationally televised address about the border on Tuesday evening.

So much for Trump and Sanders coordinating their messaging; they can’t even seem to figure out what they’re supposed to be announcing or when. That aside, it looks like Trump will first give a racist lie-filled speech about the border, and then two days later he’ll go try his stunt at the border. This seems backwards; once his speech falls flat on Tuesday, no one will care about his border visit on Thursday.

Let’s be clear here: Donald Trump’s border visit stunt has a 0.0% chance of getting him anywhere. He can fire up his braindead racist base all he likes, but that won’t convince one mentally competent person to side with him. Trump is simply digging himself a deeper hole by calling even more attention to his failed government shutdown. Once this last-ditch gambit fails, Trump will have nothing else left to try.