Kyrsten Sinema crashes and burns

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This is a little story about ego — about megalomania and what happens to those who fall victim to believing their own hype. On January 26, at 3:45 PM, A single forlorn tweet was sent into the ether. It was sent by a lost butterfly, a person who stands alone, someone who seemingly has no identity. She is one of two senators from Arizona, and her name is Kyrsten Sinema.

We’ve been curious about her reaction to Ruben Gallego announcing his candidacy, and now we have it. “Arizona just got through a brutal election season — I think we all could use a break.” Yes, that was part of the tweet. The other part I will not copy it because it is just Sinema bragging about what a great person she is.

This woman is lost in the wind. Many are speculating that she is trying to imply Gallego should not run because we all need a break from the drama. That will indeed be hilarious if that is what she meant.

This is because Sinema IS the drama. The woman takes her last name too seriously. Her every move is scripted, her every word like she’s in a movie scene reading from a script. She epitomizes drama. It appears many are disdainful of this rather unique approach by Sinema. Here are some of the best responses:

“We could use a break from you.”

“How about an actual town hall?”

“Go watch eat, pray, love.”

“girl, bye.”

“Nothing about you makes sense.”

“the only result you get is more money in your account.”

“Tick, tock.”

“You’ve had your break from town halls for five years.”

“I wish you weren’t so greedy.”

“as long as your lobbyist friends are cool with it, right?”

“Well, you did fight the living wage, so there’s that.”

“that’s a wrap.”

“did you get your cookie from Mitch?”

“Don’t run for reelection.”

“can’t wait to vote for Gallego.”

Gallego was mentioned in the replies many times. People are excited about him. Perhaps that is why he raised one million dollars in 24 hours. Sinema is a lost cause. She should just announce her retirement. If she thinks she stands ANY chance of winning reelection, she is as delusional as Donald trump.

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