Donald Trump’s kids just got some really bad news

We’re supposedly just a week away from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report about Donald Trump’s crime spree, and we’ll see if that ends up being the case. Even as we wait to see how it plays out, and what it means for Trump’s kids, they just got some rather bad news of their own.

Even as Robert Mueller has largely operated in secret, we’ve seen a pattern in which he’s farmed out ancillary criminal cases to federal prosectors at the SDNY. One theory has been that when Mueller takes his big swing at Donald Trump, he’ll have SDNY take parallel swings at Trump’s kids. The point would be to wound Trump and leave him playing defense on far too many fronts at once, thus unable to properly fight back against any of it, and left with no choice but to fold.

There are some observers who think – for no apparent reason – that Robert Mueller and the Feds will somehow decide to simply leave Trump’s kids out of it, and ignore their crimes. Surely, Trump’s kids are under this delusional premise to at least some extent. But if they want a dose of reality, they need look no further than what just happened to one of their father’s big adversaries.

Mexican drug kingpin El Chapo was recently convicted for his crimes in a U.S. court. Not only does this mean that he’s toast, it means he’s no longer in a position to protect those around him. Accordingly, according to CBS News, El Chapo’s sons were indicted and charged today for crimes related to their father’s criminal empire. This shouldn’t shock anyone; it’s simply how prosecutors tend to structure these things.

That brings us back to the criminal case against Donald Trump. The minute he’s ousted – or simply too cornered and crippled to be able to protect anyone around him – there is every reason to expect that prosecutors will round up his kids as well. It’s simply how these things work. If Mueller really is dropping the hammer on Trump next week, it’ll open the door for indictments and criminal charges against the rest of his crime family.

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