New development in Jeffrey Epstein case is Donald Trump’s worst nightmare

There have been accusations across social media for years that Donald Trump was caught up in Jeffrey Epstein’s serial child rape scandal. This notion gained new heft when it was reported months ago that it was Alexander Acosta who gave Epstein an absurdly lenient plea deal in order to make the whole thing go away, and Trump later rewarded Acosta by appointing him Secretary of Labor. Now the whole thing just took an uglier turn.

A federal judge has just ruled that Alexander Acosta and others broke the law with the deal they gave Jeffrey Epstein, according to the Miami Herald newspaper. Why does this matter? The judge hasn’t decided yet what’s going to happen to Epstein, or whether justice will finally be served against him. But this ruling alone will be enough to invite a full investigation into why Acosta broke the law in order to give Epstein this deal, and what his motivations were.

Alexander Acosta could end up having to cut a deal of his own in order to avoid facing punishment. This would finally reveal why Epstein was allowed off the hook, and who was pressuring Acosta to help make the whole thing go away. Once this thread is pulled, it’ll then lead to the question of why Trump decided to appoint Acosta of all people to his cabinet, and whether it was a form of repayment.

In other words, whatever Donald Trump’s connection is to Jeffrey Epstein’s crimes and/or Alexander Acosta’s illegal effort at making the Epstein scandal go away, it’s going to come out. Today’s ruling by the judge has rung a bell that can’t be un-rung. We’ll see where this goes, but it’s shaping up to be Trump’s worst nightmare.

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