Kevin McCarthy is melting before our eyes

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Lots of people have said something they wish they hadn’t. It isn’t only Kevin McCarthy who is guilty of this. It’s happened to me. Perhaps it happened to you or someone you know. The words you are looking for get mangled — and the wrong thing comes out.

Yes, this has happened to all of us and will likely happen again. But I very much doubt you — or I — have ever spoken about the melting of children’s bones. You read that right. Our “Speaker” did, though — the man who can’t seem to do one damn thing right — Kevin McCarthy.

It all started with White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre. She was speaking out against Kevin’s legislation regarding the debt ceiling. Here is a bit of what she said: “The proposal would repeal the inflation reduction act’s green energy tax credits. It would make it easier for oil companies to use toxic chemicals that cause severe burns, damage peoples’ eyes, and quite literally melt bones.”

McCarthy then went on CNBC. It seemed Kevin wanted to lie a bit about how responsible the Republican party is. Only Kevin, in the spirit of incompetent leaders everywhere, managed to turn himself into a laughing stock. This is happening rather frequently.

Kevin decided to quote the White House press secretary — only he got the words wrong — and boy, did he screw this one up!

“Let’s be sensible about it,” our non-leader began.

“Look, look what the White House has said.”

“They said we would MELT CHILDREN’S BONES!”


It was the gaffe heard around the world. Hopefully, few children were watching at the time. It took Twitter about one-quarter of a second to pick up on this. And faster than you could say, “children of the corn,” they were on it:

“What in the actual f### is he TALKING about?”

“The merging with Marjorie Taylor Greene has been completed.”

“Is that the name of a new horror flick?”

“Fraud would have a field day with THIS one.”

“Were these words lurking in his subconscious, waiting to come out?”


“How did he even THINK of this?”


“Has this guy been checked out by a mental health specialist?”

“Drug test him.”

“I think Kevin just unwillingly outed the long-term GOP plan.”

“Damn, that Bakersfield air.”

“Does the woke grooming come AFTER the bones are melted?”

“Hittin’ the meth pipe, Kevin?”

“Kevin is engaged in a war with words.”

“Next, he’ll say melting children’s bones is a great way to make America great again.”

“All children in Bakersfield have joined the witness protection program.”

“Stress has cooked his brain.”

If I were Kevin (and thank goodness I’m not), I’d be more careful next time I spoke.

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