Kevin McCarthy is having a sad

There is an angry storm coming, and its name is Kevin McCarthy. And oh boy, is he mad. Reportedly, McCarthy is upset that his late-night speech from hell on the House floor isn’t getting talked about as much as he’d hoped. I would say it IS getting talked about –only maybe not for the reasons Kev had expected.

Most of what I have heard has been about McCarthy’s bizarre behavior putting him firmly in line for the Congressional Razzie award. (Note — there IS no such award, but in my opinion, there should be.)

Kevin’s madness was noticed alright, but the whispers of his failure are growing louder, eclipsing whatever success the non-majority leader thought he had.

McCarthy has even gone so far as to rip into AOC for reportedly “trying to shut me down” during his late-night walk into madness. Kevin claims he was “heckled” and appeared none too happy about it.

Speaking with agent of propaganda Maria Bartiromo, Kevin complained bitterly that both AOC and Ohio’s next Senator Tim Ryan would not stop heckling in a vain attempt to stop his unrelenting word vomit.

“They would scream from the other side trying to shut me down,” the delusional Kevin explained. I say — perhaps people just wanted to get some sleep, Kevin. Now, if it had been — say — a Bruce Springsteen concert, that might have been enough for some late-night energy, but it wasn’t.


All it was was a preppy, whining insurrection supporting bag of wind who succeeded in boring the heck out of almost everybody there — not that many were there anyway.

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