Kevin McCarthy crashes and burns

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Kevin McCarthy is a train wreck waiting to happen. The man just cannot seem to stop saying stupid things. I suppose it might be his Achilles’ heel. He appeared on Fox Business to talk about the Texas shooting. McCarthy was quick to offer his thoughts and prayers.

“Well, it’s just tragic what happened down there,” McCarthy said. It was then that Kevin spoke his truth — and suggested that we redirect Covid-19 funds toward the schools Redirect is such a quaint little word for “rob,” is it not?

McCarthy would like to see that money put toward schools — to make sure each school only has one point of entry. As you might expect — McCarthy was decimated on social media. Many people pointed out that that would be a fire hazard. Everybody seems to know this. How does McCarthy not know this?

Not to mention that in many areas, Covid is surging again. This was NOT the time for Kevin to cheerfully chat about defunding Covid relief — but as we all well know, Kevin isn’t exactly brilliant. Do you know what I’d like to see? Do you know what would make put a smile on this writer’s face? It’s if we kept the House.

And we can do it. Recent polling suggests there has been an uptick toward the Democrats in who the American people would like to see in charge of the House. We’d better keep the House. Because if we do not, we will see investigations that will make Benghazi look like cotton candy.

Lord only knows what the evil Republicans have up their sleeves. Certainly, Hunter Biden and Dr. Anthony Fauci will be targeted. And it is good to remember that feeling of blinding exaltation we all had when we won the Presidency. And when we won the Georgia special election.

It was joy in its purest form. It was like witnessing the pink glow of the gentlest morning’s sunrise. We can do this. As for Kevin — he’s like a drowning man flailing for shore. I doubt he’d be Speaker even if the GOP won in November. The reason for that is Mr. Kevin McCarthy of the state of California is a moron. The man is incompetent, and his remarks this week on Fox Business exacerbate that fact.

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