Kevin McCarthy can’t even face it

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Some people have very expressive faces. And often, these same people have MANY expressive faces. Kevin McCarthy at the State of the Union was most definitely one of them. McCarthy’s got no game. His facial expressions are almost comical. And he’s got more “tells” than an incompetent poker player.

Such was the case as President Biden spoke in what has to be one of the most brilliant State of the Union speeches ever. The many faces of Kevin McCarthy were hilarious to watch. Kevin seemed unprepared for the panning in of television cameras. Perhaps he did not know the cameras would relentlessly pick up every twitch, every facial movement of the House “Speaker.”

Only he was not the Speaker the other night. He was the listener. At least part of the time he was because there were moments when our Kevin looked like an imminent nap was on the way. “Is Kevin about to take a snooze” one Twitter user wondered.

That was the face of drowsiness — of perhaps mental exhaustion. I know, Kevin. Trying to keep up can be challenging. But wait! Other times, the face of Kevin looked almost — amused.

“He accidentally smiled.” I can’t tell you how many people posted comments like this. The reason they likely did so is that as Biden was cracking jokes — mainly at the republican’s expense — Kevin actually full-on smiled, if not chucked at a few of them.

Are true feelings coming out? Perhaps we all underestimated Kevin, and he DOES have a faint awareness of what a shit-show he is in charge of.

“SHHHHH” This was yet another face — the alarmist’s face. I lost track of how many times Kevin tried to shush his caucus, many of whom were acting more like little bratty kindergartners than elected representatives.

Marjorie Taylor Greene looking her most shaggy, did what she does best — disrupt. Shh, a frantic Kevin tried to signal. Then there was the face of righteous indignation. Only that face seemed staged to me. Of all Kevin’s faces, that one seemed the phoniest. Figures.

And finally, there was Kevin’s face of guilt. At one point before the speech started he could be seen joking with Vice President Harris. I did notice that he cast furtive glances around like he was nervous about who was watching.

No doubt he did not want word to get back to Donald trump that he could possibly be yucking it up with the enemy. So there are many faces to McCarthy, and yes, we got to see them all.

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