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Donald Trump likes to blame others for his misfortunes, but the fact is everything that’s happened to him can be traced back to the laws of Karma. There are twelve laws of Karma. Donald Trump violated every one of them.

1) The karmic law of cause and effect. This says that everything you put out there comes back to you. Trump’s put out nothing but hatred, insurrection, and hate — and it’s come back to haunt him because almost everyone has abandoned him.

2) Creation. The message of this law is not to sit back and wait for life to happen but to go out and MAKE it so. Trump is the laziest being in the world. He never did anything to help the American people; he rarely read a brief when President, and THAT is why he did not get reelected.

3) Law of humility. Trump has not one ounce of humility. Humility is required to see one’s mistakes and move past them. Trump blames everyone else for those mistakes and has even said that he never asks forgiveness from God because he’s never done wrong.

4) Law of growth. This is self-explanatory. One’s soul always needs to grow. Trump has not only not grown, but he’s also gone backward, becoming crueler.

5) The law of responsibility. Own your successes — and your failures. Trump has had little success and has never admitted to one failure ever. His ability to look inward is missing.

6) The law of connection. Who and what you are is the result of the past. What you will be in the future is a result of the present. Trump is firmly stuck in the past.

7) Focus. This law encourages an intense focus on things like love and happiness. Donald’s focus is on all who wronged him.

8) The law of giving. Giving back is a core principle of Karma. Has Trump ever given anyone anything except a headache? (and lots of death, violence, and destruction.)

9) Here and now. Embrace the present, the here and now — not the past. I can think of no karmic law that Trump has violated stronger than this one.

10) Change. This focuses on learning from past experiences. Obviously, Trump has failed at that too.

11) Law of patience. Donald Trump has no patience. He wants everything when he wants it.

12) Significance and inspiration. We’ve all been born with specific purposes. Find your inspiration, your passion, and live it. Trump’s passion is incitement of terrorism and suing people.

There is a lot more to the laws of Karma, certainly. But it does appear there is not one karmic law that Donald trump has not managed to violate. Perhaps this explains his insane and twisted morality.

Palmer Report has the smartest and savviest audience in all of politics. Contribute $25 now and we can win it all: Donate now!