Kari Lake finds a whole new way to crash and burn


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Twitter is, at this moment, engaged in the politics of laughter. The social media site is always the place to go to chase down republican stupidity. And over the weekend, one Republican (other than Donald Trump) proved, without a shadow of a doubt, that reality and this “politician” have never been introduced.

Now — as you know, the sad CPAC convention took place this week. It was a resounding failure-just ask the rows upon rows of empty chairs. Now one thing CPAC enjoys doing is having straw polls. And at this empty meeting of republicans’ “minds,” a straw poll was held to see who people there wanted to be Vice President in 2024.

The possibilities were endless! Well — actually, that’s not true. The choices were mostly freakshow candidates, as one might expect at CPAC. And the winner was… Kari Lake! Congratulations Kari! Somebody wants you around, after all! And frankly, Lake and CPAC encompass the expression “birds of a feather.”

But surprisingly, Lake’s team politely said she wouldn’t be available. I’ll admit it pleased me when I heard this news. Where might the power-hungry non-candidate be? Filming a stalker film in Hollywood? In therapy, getting the help she deserves?

Unfortunately, none of these answers is the correct answer. The Lake team explained that it would not be possible for her to be anyone’s VP because she can’t hold two offices at once, and she’s already the governor of Arizona.

Sigh. Yes, yes, folks, I know. They didn’t use a lot of brain cells when they created Kari Lake. On Twitter, the mood was incredulous. And thank you to this tweeter who summed things up perfectly: “I feel you. I recently found out I’m not legally allowed to be Batman and Aquaman at the same time.”

Seriously though, this is good news in a way for us. Kari Lake can continue to be lost in the psycho realms of her own brain (what remains of it). She can plant fake gardens and hear fake applause. She can receive fake compliments and win fake Powerball contests.



But whatever she does, as long as it’s not running for office, I really couldn’t care less. It is fascinating, though, to watch this woman’s life implode in real time. Does Kari Lake REALLY believe she is Arizona’s Governor? I doubt it, but one never knows.


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