Kamala Harris comes out strong during debate as Mike Pence looks unwell

We’re just a few minutes into the vice presidential debate, and both candidates are doing what the do best: Kamala Harris is calmly and confidently making a convincing argument, while Mike Pence is lying a lot. That was to be expected, of course. But what stands out at the start is that Mike Pence looks like he may be unwell.

Plenty of people have noticed that Mike Pence’s eyes look red and bloodshot. There are plenty of reasons why this could be the case, such as allergies. But when you consider that Pence was recently exposed to coronavirus, and that dozens of people in that exposure cluster have since tested positive, it’s at least mildly concerning that Pence doesn’t look all that well.


In any case, Pence’s bloodshot eyes aren’t preventing him from coming up with lie after lie, which is pretty much all he ever does. Meanwhile Kamala Harris may have already landed the line of the night, when Pence tried to talk over her and she said “Mr. Vice President, I’m speaking.”

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