Here comes the Mike Pence meltdown

How much is Mike Pence not looking forward to tonight’s debate against Kamala Harris? Yesterday Pence raised a last minute objection to the plexiglass barrier between the two candidates, in a seeming attempt at getting out of the debate entirely, before ultimately relenting.

It’s not surprising that Pence is less than excited about tonight’s debate. Kamala Harris is smarter than Pence. She’s more popular. She’s a better debater. She has the issues on her side. She gets to defend the popular Joe Biden. Pence is stuck defending the toxically unpopular Donald Trump. This debate was always going to be stacked in her favor – but now even more so.

Tonight Mike Pence will be stuck trying to defend how Donald Trump recklessly caught coronavirus, unconscionably infected most of his own advisers, lied about his timeline for testing positive, took a joyride outside the hospital, and then went back to the West Wing while still sick and contagious, and has been behaving erratically ever since. Pence wouldn’t be able to spin any of that in his favor even if he were any good at debating.


This debate comes at a time when Joe Biden’s lead in the polls continues to widen, meaning Mike Pence faces even more pressure to somehow find a way to turn things around for Donald Trump, at a time when Trump is off on some kind of quixotic quest to get himself killed from a steroid overdose. There’s no way this goes well for Pence. America is thirsty for leadership, and tonight will be Kamala’s night to shine.

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