Justin Amash is deranged

Now that Justin Amash has tentatively thrown his hat in the ring as a third party 2020 presidential candidate, there are a lot of theories about why he’s doing it, whom he’s trying to help, and who might be pulling his strings. But none of that really matters. The thing you have to keep in mind is that Amash is deranged.

To be clear, I’m not saying Justin Amash corrupt. I’m saying he’s deranged. Mitch McConnell is corrupt. He’ll vote in whichever way he thinks advances his own career interests. He’s only in politics to see how much power he can amass, and how much money he can steal for himself. Amash is something different.

Amash is the kind of unbalanced freak who has his own bizarrely incoherent moral code that makes no sense to anyone but him. His religion is, in a nutshell, anti-government. He thinks government is hell, and the two party system is Satan. He voted in favor of impeachment because Trump crossed some line he couldn’t tolerate, when he would have been better off career wise by voting against impeachment. But Amash voted against an anti-lynching bill because he thinks “limiting the government” is more important than stopping racist hate crimes. That makes him a racist by default, but he’s too deranged to see himself that way.

Justin Amash is the kind of deranged extremist who’s so lost in his own dogma, and so unable to process reality, he thinks the most immediate threat to Americans right now is the two party system, as opposed to the most immediate threat to Americans being the guy who’s murdering tens of thousands of Americans. Amash is hard wired not to care who wins the election, because in his broken mind, both major party candidates are the devil anyway.

So yeah, Justin Amash has some really shady financial connections to some really terrible wealthy conservative groups, because these “anti government” politicians never do seem to have a problem with using their government position to rake in the money. But let’s be real here. Third party presidential candidacies end up being an unpredictable wildcard that could end up hurting either candidate. The notion that he’s somehow being bribed to run by pro-Trump forces just doesn’t add up. Amash could end up handing Michigan to Trump. But he could just as easily end up handing Michigan to Biden when it otherwise would have gone to Trump.

Of course the real reason any failed politician runs for president as a third party candidate is that it’s an incredibly easy way to get ahead. You use the campaign to boost your name recognition and build yourself a niche of fringe supporters. Then afterward, you write a book that makes you millions of dollars, and you get bookings on the lecture circuit. Sure, the other 99% of the country will forever despise you, but you can just wipe your tears with your money.

So yeah, there doesn’t need to be a conspiracy theory involved to explain why Justin Amash is leaning toward running for president as a third party candidate. It’s an easy way to establish a lucrative career path for the rest of your life, if you don’t mind everyone hating you. And if you’re deranged as he is, it’s easy to justify not caring about the unpredictable impact it might have on the outcome. The only question is whether there’s just enough sanity in his broken mind to allow him to hear the overwhelming tidal wave of negative feedback he’s receiving right now, from Americans on both sides of the aisle who are trying to explain to him that he’s his own worst enemy.

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