Donald Trump angrily lashes out as his poll numbers collapse

Donald Trump is delusional by nature, unable to admit that he’s ever made a mistake or that he can’t pull off the things he tries to pull off. He also appears to be quite sheltered by his handlers, as it often takes him days to finally get wind of a story that everyone else has been talking about the entire time. But it appears we’ve reached the point where Trump has finally figured out he’s losing.

Trump has been behind Joe Biden in the polls for every minute of this election cycle. But as his dishonest and negligent mishandling of the coronavirus gets even uglier, and his press briefings continue to be more self defeating, his poll numbers have dropped even further.

Trump is now aware of this, and he’s blaming his 2020 campaign manager Brad Parscale for the bad numbers. CNN says that Trump angrily lashed out at Parscale, “shouting” at him on the phone, blaming him for how the disinfectant debacle has hurt his election prospects. Trump even threatened to “sue” Parscale for some unspecified reason. That’s right, Trump is so far gone, he’s now threatening to sue his own campaign manager because he’s falling in the polls.

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