Justice is coming

Does everyone remember when Joe Biden questioned if there was even going to be a Republican Party in 2024? It was a strange aside comment for him to make but it was more telling than many realize. Transnational Organized Crime or TOC is being targeted by the Biden administration and this spells lots of trouble for those on the take in the Republican Party. We also know there’s another form of the Mueller Report that should be released soon and without Barr to block it, it should be quite an eye opener.

The impatience with prosecuting Trump is understandable but the time is necessary because the task is so large. Investigating TOC began in the Obama years and was surely stopped for four years during the Trump administration. Mueller was the man tapped to go after these mobsters, so he knew exactly who Trump, Putin and their ultimate Dear Leader, Semion Mogilvich, whom the FBI considers the boss of bosses, were.


We’ve got Gaetz’s alleged sex trafficking, Ghislaine Maxwell’s alleged sex trafficking, the NRA is full of Russian money, and Trump & Co. are deeply tied to Russia’s favorite money laundering bank, Deutsche Bank. Do the math. Not only is it all coming down, but it’s most likely intertwined which is why it’s so complicated to prosecute.

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