July 17th is the beginning of the end of Donald Trump’s presidency

Reality show host Donald Trump understands the power of television as well as anyone in politics. That’s why he’s got to be bouncing off the walls now that former Special Counsel Robert Mueller has formally agreed to testify in public about his investigation into Trump’s criminal scandals. In fact, it’s fair to characterize July 17th as the beginning of the end of Trump’s presidency.

Whatever you think of how Robert Mueller handled his investigation (and we’re finding questions by the day), the bottom line is that the release of his report was a complete debacle, thanks to corrupt Attorney General William Barr. First Barr flat out lied about what was in the report. Then he only released parts of it, redacting the parts that were the most damaging to Donald Trump. The result is that much of the nation is still unaware that Mueller documented a double digit number of felonies committed by Trump.

Mueller’s testimony, by sheer virtue of taking place in the compelling format of live national television, will give average Americans the kind of digestible chunks of evidence and memorable soundbites that they need in order to accurately come to the conclusion that Donald Trump is a serious criminal. Trump’s hardcore supporters won’t abandon him over this, but it’s never been about them; it’s always been about the nonpolitical types in the middle who don’t like to get involved unless the right and wrong of an issue becomes abundantly clear to them.

Robert Mueller’s testimony won’t go as smoothly as some folks are hoping. There are questions he won’t answer. There are obvious conclusions he’ll refuse to agree or disagree with, due to his nature. But it will nonetheless be the beginning of the end of Donald Trump’s presidency. The testimony will be what finally pushes a majority of Americans to call for Trump’s impeachment – and that’ll give House Democrats the cover they need to successfully move forward.

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