Looks like Mick Mulvaney is a goner

Not so long ago, Donald Trump seemed to like Mick Mulvaney so much, he gave him the dual role of OMB Director and White House Chief of Staff. In fact Mulvaney seemed to have the upper hand in this relationship, to the point that he was only willing to take the Chief of Staff job on an acting basis, even though Trump wanted him in the position permanently. But now it looks like Mulvaney is a goner.

Donald Trump is “tiring” of Mick Mulvaney, according to a new story published by Politico, which was obviously leaked by Trump himself. We’ve seen Trump do this before: he starts souring on one of his own top people, so he leaks that he might be done with them, so that no one is surprised when he dumps them, and it’s seen as more inevitable than controversial. But with Mulvaney, we all saw this coming, of course.

Last week Trump filmed an interview with ABC News, and at one point he was seen throwing Mick Mulvaney out of the room for the sin of having coughed. This led to widespread speculation, both sarcastic and serious, that Trump might end up firing Mulvaney over the matter – because Trump really is just that shallow and erratic.

For all we know, perhaps Donald Trump was already souring on Mick Mulvaney for other reasons, and that’s why he threw a tantrum when Mulvaney coughed on camera. But most people are going to interpret this as Trump having soured on Mulvaney because of the cough, which would be an utterly deranged reason to oust a top adviser. Frankly, it’s the kind of thing a lunatic like Kim Jong Un would do. Then again, Trump praises Kim on a regular basis.

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