Donald Trump regime admits in court that Julian Assange was offered pardon to cover up Trump-Russia

Months ago, Julian Assange’s lawyers asserted that the Donald Trump regime used Kremlin puppet and former Congressman Dana Rohrabacher to offer Assange a pardon if he was willing to keep quiet about Russia’s role in the WikiLeaks-Trump-Russia election hacking scandal. Remarkably, the Trump regime is now admitting in court that this really happened.

The Trump regime is in the process of trying to have Assange extradited from the UK, where he’s currently being held, to the United States. Assange has been trying to block extradition by insisting that the improper pardon offer happened. Because Trump and Assange are both con artists who will say anything to try to save themselves, it was never entirely clear if this was a true story. But now that a witness from the pardon meeting has testified about it, the Trump regime has had no choice but to confess to it. So now what?

The Trump regime is now trying to fall back to the position that Rohrabacher made the pardon offer on Donald Trump’s behalf, but that Trump had no idea it was happening, and hadn’t signed off on any such deal. In other words, Trump is now throwing yet another longtime loyal ally under the bus in an effort to stop the bleeding.

If Donald Trump loses the election, the post-Trump DOJ could criminally prosecute Rohrabacher for obstruction of justice, as his pardon offer to Assange was in part an attempt at interfering with the then-ongoing federal investigation into the Trump-Russia election scandal. Rohrabacher could then cut a plea deal and provide proof that Donald Trump signed off on the deal.

We’ll see what happens down the road. But for now the big takeaway is that Donald Trump really is more interested in protecting the Kremlin’s interests than he is in protecting the United States, or even in protecting his own personal interests. Trump wasn’t even looking to get Julian Assange to cover up the fact that WikiLeaks hacked the DNC in order to alter the outcome of the 2016 election; Trump was only interested in coercing Assange into leaving Russia’s involvement out of it.


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