Here comes Donald Trump’s big tantrum

After Trump’s disastrous town hall earlier this week that his remaining allies are trying to pass off as an “ambush,” when it was really ordinary citizens asking the president questions onstage, Joe Biden got to hold a town hall on Thursday night outside Scranton, and the results were night and day different. He showed who he was and vowed to be a president for all Americans if elected, not just for the ones who voted for him. This was all Biden needed to say to point out the biggest and most obvious flaw with Donald Trump.

Trump’s apathy when it comes to the fires in the Pacific Northwest is because he figures these people largely didn’t vote for him – just like how he claims the majority of COVID deaths were in blue states and the faults of Democratic governors, even though red states haven’t done much better – with over 80,000 deaths and the lower number being due more to lower populations than anything related to politics. He only pretends to care about law and order or public health when it helps his standing in the polls.

Biden had a great night where he clearly connected to the crowd – even recognizing an attendee from a previous event, and showed the sincerity and accountability the country desperately needs. He spoke to voters directly about their concerns, something rarely seen in the age of Donald Trump who goes off on tirades about the same targets at his rallies and reportedly considers his own base “disgusting.”

Trump is likely to throw a tantrum on Friday because he wasn’t the focus of the news on Thursday – and perhaps he has good reason to: the choice couldn’t be any clearer after this week. We need to vote for Joe Biden and Democrats down the ballot by November 3.

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