Judge Sullivan exposes bombshell about Donald Trump in Michael Flynn case

When the news broke last night that Bill Barr’s DOJ had altered and apparently falsified evidence in the hope of painting Michael Flynn as a victim, we knew there were going to be fireworks in today’s Flynn hearing. But it turns out most of the judge’s ire was aimed at Donald Trump.

Judge Sullivan ended up asking Michael Flynn’s defense attorney if she had discussed the case with Donald Trump. She tried to invoke executive privilege, which isn’t a thing in this instance, before ultimately admitting that she’s been personally briefing Trump on the developments in the case. This is nothing short of a bombshell about Trump’s behavior. It’s not necessarily surprising, but it’s still shockingly corrupt.


At that point retired Judge Gleeson, who was appointed by Judge Sullivan to help sort out the Trump regime’s meddling in the case, announced his view that “Donald Trump has open disdain for the independence of the Justice Department.” Judge Sullivan hasn’t yet ruled, but this would seemingly end any brief shot that Flynn might have had of getting the charges against him dismissed. It also appears to be obstruction of justice on Trump’s part, but any such criminal charges against him will seemingly have to wait until after he loses the election.

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