Judge Emmet Sullivan drops the hammer on Donald Trump’s Post Office antics

With just five days until the end of the election, experts across the board are now warning that it’s too late to put your ballot in the mail. If you haven’t already mailed it, you’ll need to drop it off at a ballot box, or vote early in person, or vote in person on election day. But what about those ballots that have already been mailed?

It turns out there’s good news on that front. Judge Emmet Sullivan – yes, the same Judge Emmet Sullivan who succeeded in blocking Bill Barr from letting Michael Flynn off the hook – has now intervened in the Post Office debacle. He’s unilaterally reversed all the changes that Trump’s guy Louis DeJoy made, and he’s ordered the Post Office to provide him with daily updates about the progress of the corrective action.


In other words, Judge Sullivan has essentially taken over the Post Office. Because he’s ordering Post Office workers to follow his instructions, they’re likely to do so, as they’d otherwise be facing contempt of court. This does a lot to neuter DeJoy’s ability to keep trying to screw with the election. It will also help get other essential mail services, such as prescription drug deliveries, back on track.

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