Donald Trump goes completely berserk as it all falls apart for him

How badly are the Republican conspiracy theories about Joe Biden and his family falling apart? Trump apologist Tucker Carlson is now reduced to claiming, apparently with a straight face, that his evidence was stolen in the mail. Now Donald Trump is completely melting down about how the entire phony story has failed.

Tonight Trump tweeted this: “Why isn’t Biden corruption trending number one on Twitter? Biggest world story, and nowhere to be found. There is no”trend”, only negative stories that Twitter wants to put up. Disgraceful!”

To be clear, Twitter trends are based on an algorithm about how many times a given word or topic is being mentioned in tweets. It’s not as if Twitter has a group of employees in a basement somewhere deciding what trends and what doesn’t.

The bottom line is that no one is buying this phony conspiracy theory, and that’s why it’s not trending. Trump is just bummed out that he couldn’t get his hallucinatory nonsense to catch on outside of his too-small base.

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