Donald Trump Jr completely unravels

Donald Trump Jr’s Twitter feed is so full of false information and deranged conspiracy theories, the people around him should be trying to get him professional help. Instead his family keeps using him as a campaign surrogate, and let’s just say that his public appearances aren’t going well.

On Thursday night Donald Trump Jr appeared on the Laura Ingraham show on Fox News and completely unraveled. Speaking a million miles an hour, Junior insisted that the coronavirus crisis is now under “control” because the number of deaths is “almost nothing.” Meanwhile back in the real world, Thursday saw the highest nationwide death toll in months.

It’s not entirely clear if Donald Trump Jr is simply lying about these numbers, or if he’s gone so far off the rails that he’s just hallucinating fake numbers at this point. Either way, with his father just a few days away from potentially losing everything, Junior isn’t exactly handling the pressure.

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