It’s 2:30 in the morning and Donald Trump is completely melting down right now

With just a few days until election day, Donald Trump is just as far behind in the polls as ever, and there’s no indication that he’s figured out how to turn things around. In fact Trump’s unraveling behavior suggests that on some level he knows he’s on track to lose.

Now Trump is having a full scale Twitter meltdown, which is notable because it’s 2:30 in the morning. You’d think he’d have to pass out at some point. But considering he’s a few days away from an election result that could cost him everything and land him in prison, he’s probably not sleeping well. Heck, we’re not sleeping well, due to the small chance he might win.

But Trump is really going to town tonight. Crazy town, that is. Trump just tweeted “Way ahead in Texas!” That’s not even true. Then he tweeted “Watch the Great Red Wave!” Then he posted the hashtag #BidenCrimeFamiily which is weird because that’s not how you spell “Family.” He also attacked ESPN reporter Darren Rovell, for reasons that aren’t clear. Trump also gave away that he doesn’t know who the Governor of Minnesota is.

Again, these unhinged tweets from the current President of the United States are being posted at 2:30 in the morning, because, well, he’s insane. Oh look, he just posted another tweet: “Biden will destroy the United States Supreme Court. Don’t let this happen!” At this rate Trump might well tweet himself into a coma before the night is over.


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