Josh Hawley has a whole new problem

Yesterday Palmer Report pointed out that Republican Senator Josh Hawley hasn’t tweeted anything in a week, and that he’s apparently now trying to lie low in the hope that the public (and perhaps prosecutors) will forget about his role in inciting a domestic terrorist attack on the U.S. Capitol.

If this is Hawley’s plan, it’s not working out particularly well for him. New polling shows that a majority of people in Hawley’s state of Missouri now want him to resign. He has nearly four years left in his term, and a lot can change by then. But if these numbers hold up as the year goes on, the Republican establishment will likely begin pressuring him to resign so they can replace him with someone who’s less likely to lose to a Democrat in 2024.

So yeah, we might be getting rid of Josh Hawley after all. It’s a tough position to be in when the majority of your own constituents are calling for your immediate resignation. Of course if this same majority had turned out to vote for Senator Claire McCaskill in 2018, Hawley wouldn’t be in office to begin with. Voting has consequences. It’s a lot easier to keep these creeps out to begin with than it is to try to force them to resign.

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