The ghost of John McCain just ruined Donald Trump’s birthday

Traditionally, when the President of the United States has a birthday, it’s a nice opportunity for ceremonial well wishes that go beyond politics. Of course traditionally, the United States has generally had Presidents who weren’t deranged traitors trying to destroy the country from within. Accordingly, Americans decided to turn Donald Trump’s birthday into a celebration for someone else.

Donald Trump turned seventy-three today. But you wouldn’t know it, because for most of the day, social media was dominated by well wishes for the late John McCain. His birthday isn’t until August 29th, but that’s not the point. The Trump regime recently tried to hide the USS John McCain from Donald Trump’s sight, because he’s just that resentful of McCain for having been more popular and respected. And so folks on Twitter decided to re-christen Trump’s birthday as “John McCain day.”

The effort was so widespread, the hashtag #JohnMcCainDay was trending atop Twitter for long stretches on Friday. People tweeted out memories of McCain’s time as a prisoner of war, McCain’s decision to push back when one of his supporters made a racist remark about Barack Obama, McCain’s decision to ultimately save Obamacare with his famous thumbs-down vote, and so on.

Donald Trump brought this on himself by disingenuously attacking John McCain several times over the past few years, before and after McCain’s passing. Now the ghost of John McCain is haunting Trump on his birthday. Each time Trump attacks McCain, it only serves to raise Mccain’s stature.

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