Donald Trump tries absurd Friday night news dump over his tax returns

Anyone on a fifth grade reading level can read and understand the law that makes clear that the House Ways and Means Committee has an absolute right to Donald Trump’s tax returns. Just don’t tell that to Trump, or to the obstructionists in his regime who are trying to protect him from his crimes.

Just now, Donald Trump’s Assistant Attorney General released a thirty-three page legal opinion explaining why the House supposedly isn’t legally entitled to Trump’s tax returns. We’ll save you the trouble of reading it; the whole thing is a laugh out loud intentional misinterpretation of the law in question. Even more telling than the bullshit nature of this document is its timing.

It’s long been standard practice in politics and public relations that if you have to release something but you’re hoping it’ll get as little attention as possible, you release it late on Friday. The premise is that people are socializing on Friday night, and no one reads the news on Saturday, so by the time they get around to reconnecting with the outside world on Sunday, perhaps the news item in question will have gotten overlooked.

The trouble is, this isn’t 1979 or even 1999; it’s 2019. These days the news is a 24/7 cycle. People are more likely to hear about the news on social media than they are from reading a print newspaper. The Trump regime’s decision to bury this memo about his tax returns on a Friday night is an absurdly inept move. It also gives away that even they know this memo is embarrassing gibberish, and they’re hoping no one will see it.

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