Joe Biden slams Donald Trump for stranding his supporters out in the cold in Omaha

Last night Donald Trump and his campaign stranded hundreds (or thousands, depending on the reporting) of his own supporters in the freezing cold after his Omaha rally. The campaign was supposed to provide buses back to the airport, but that didn’t happen, and several of them ended up in the hospital with hypothermia.

Either Donald Trump and his campaign are so broke they couldn’t afford the buses, or so negligent they couldn’t be bothered to take care of their own supporters, or some combination of both. It’s not something that a competent and legitimate presidential campaign would have let happen, and even if it did happen, it would have been addressed immediately instead of dragging on for hours as the police tried to sort it out.


During his speech in Wilmington today, Joe Biden slammed the incident for being an “image that captures President Trump’s whole approach to this crisis.” Biden is right. Trump literally leaving his supporters out in the cold fits right in with how he’s left everyone to die in the pandemic, and how he keeps trying to take away people’s health care.

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