George Conway says “Anonymous” is about to come out against Donald Trump

Two years ago a “senior official in the Trump administration” wrote an op-ed in the New York Times, ripping Donald Trump to pieces, and keeping his or her identity a secret in the process. The Times knows who this person is, but to this day, none of us do. Speculation was all over the map, but the story ended up fading. But now it’s back.

George Conway tweeted this today: “I had an amazing conversation this morning with … Anonymous. Anonymous is a true patriot. We’ll all be hearing a lot more from this person very, very soon.” He posted a link to the 2018 New York Times op-ed, leaving no doubt that he’s referring to the “Anonymous” who wrote it. When former Trump aide AJ Delgado criticized this person for having remained anonymous for so long, Conway retorted with “Anonymous has shown a lot of fortitude. You’ll see.”

So this raises a number of questions. First, who is Anonymous? Because George Conway is the one teasing this, it’s led a number of people to suspect that he’s referring to Kellyanne Conway. But it seems odd that he would phrase his tweet this way if he were referring to his wife; it sounds like he just found out who Anonymous is.

There is also the question of whether Anonymous still works in the White House; most of Trump’s advisers and officials with recognizable names from 2018 have since resigned or been fired. But the most intriguing question may be what it means that this person has shown a “lot of fortitude.” Is this person preparing to reveal evidence of how he or she sabotaged Trump’s worst instincts along the way?


Finally, there’s the question of how much or little impact Anonymous can have by coming forward with less than a week remaining in the election cycle. We’re of the belief that most of the early voters were already locked in to their particular candidate and weren’t going to be persuaded by any last minute bombshells anyway. The people who are softest on their candidate will likely vote at the last minute if at all. But still, Anonymous needs to get his or her story out there in the next day or two at the latest, so it can permeate through the news cycles and reach those last minute voters.

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