Joe Biden just upstaged Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s 2020 slogan “Keep America Great” hasn’t really aged well since he unveiled it, as the U.S. is in the middle of a crisis he largely ignored, and it’s clear he can’t bring himself to care about other people for very long. Joe Biden, however, promises to Build Back Better, the name of an ambitious agenda with multiple planks for how the nation can best recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

On Tuesday, Biden revealed another significant pillar of the Build Back Better Agenda: $30 billion into a small business opportunity fund for minority entrepreneurs, with another $50 billion invested in workforce training. It’s part of an effort to reach out to the 40% of black-owned businesses forced to close during the pandemic, one of the many problems worsened by Donald Trump’s deadly negligence that Trump refuses to even acknowledge the existence of.

Biden made headlines when he pointed out that the president of the United States has the duty to care for the well-being of all their citizens. With their businesses lost, his campaign knows that affordable housing and homeownership opportunities are difficult to come by too, so the agenda offers a tax credit of up to $15,000 to help families buy their first home, while also making sure their homes are energy efficient, saving those families up to $500 a year in utility payments.

Some of Trump’s more reckless policies have almost deliberately targeted minorities who are the most vulnerable, all while Trump stirs up casual racism by calling the epidemic the “China virus,” while Joe Biden’s plan recognizes how invaluable they are to rebuilding and improving the economy. On just about every level, the difference between both candidates couldn’t be clearer, and this is why we must vote for Joe Biden and Democrats down the ballot on November 3.

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