Donald Trump posts completely bonkers tweet about Air Force One, deletes it

Donald Trump really wants you to know that when he was on Air Force One today, he wasted his time watching Fox News instead of working to get America out of a deadly pandemic and economic collapse. If that weren’t embarrassing enough, Trump’s tweet about Air Force One was completely incoherent – and ended up tagging some company that had nothing to do with it.

Here is Trump’s second attempt at the tweet:


Yeah okay we get it, Fox News doesn’t like him as much as it used to. This comes after he whined yesterday that “Nobody likes me.” But if this incoherent tweet weren’t bad enough, Trump accidentally typed “Air Force One” as “@AirForceOne_HQ” – which is an obscure construction company in Columbus, Ohio. Then he deleted the whole thing and tried again. Trump has no idea what he’s even trying to say or do anymore.

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