Jim Jordan’s House hearings are a bust already

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After years and years of having to listen to his screams of artificial outrage, we are finally getting payback on Gym Jordan. Gym has been relentlessly in the news lately, but not because he’s managed to do anything useful. In fact, many — on BOTH sides are saying that Gym’s hearings are a flop.

It’s not just democrats who are saying this. Reportedly some republicans are also annoyed by the bumbling approach Gym has taken. And what’s making this unbearable for Republicans is that Gym keeps getting “owned” by the Dems.

Every time Gymbo has a hearing, it makes the news. But it usually makes the news because Gym or one of his minions gets told off by a democrat — or, in most cases — democrats — and then the news is filled with glum republicans and victorious democrats.

And many Republicans seem to be wondering just why the hearings are going ever so badly for them. I have the answer. It’s because Gym Jordan is a moron. Indeed, the man can’t manage to do anything right, and republicans really should have been prepared for the epic failure that Gym has brought them.

If Kevin McCarthy is a lousy house speaker, Gym is twice as bad at questioning people. He rages like an angry bull, but every word out of his mouth is bullshit. Jason Linkins of the New Republic made a claim where suggested that Gym Jordan’s “star is dimming.”

I politely disagree. I say that Gym’s “star” was never lit in the first place. His voice — his mannerisms — his baby blue shirt — all might have been lit with some strong bullshit, but that’s about all.

And in this same column, the author suggests that Gym can’t make a public appearance lately without looking “psychically frustrated.” I do agree with that. Gym Jordan is not a good fit for the role of interviewer.

If he wanted to look like a dolt then he is to be congratulated. He’s got that role down pat. But if he ever wanted to convince anybody to take him seriously, sadly, he loses that test as only one word comes to mind regarding Gym’s performance so far. Bullshit.

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