Donald Trump’s Jeffrey Epstein – Ghislaine Maxwell scandal may have just turned into an October surprise

We haven’t heard much about Ghislaine Maxwell lately because she’s already been arrested and she’s awaiting trial, and prosecutors don’t usually say much until the trial happens. But as it turns out there’s also a separate yet related court battle playing out over Maxwell’s sealed testimony in a years-old civil case, and she just lost her appeals court attempt at blocking its release.

The timetable for the release will be up to the judge who made the original ruling. But we’re now facing the possibility that Ghislaine Maxwell’s transcript could be released before election day. This is a big deal, because while it’s not known precisely what the transcript says about Donald Trump, it is known that Jeffrey Epstein recruited Maxwell to do his criminal bidding while they were both at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago.

While we don’t know what will be specifically said about Donald Trump in the Ghislaine Maxwell transcript, there’s a good bet something will be in there about Trump. This is the last thing he needs right now. And depending on the specific timing, it could end up being an October surprise. But as always, we can’t count on this kind of variable to decide the outcome of the election; it still comes down to overwhelming voter turnout.

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