Rachel Maddow just nailed it

When the debate commission announced this evening that it would be cutting off the mic of whichever candidate isn’t speaking during this week’s final debate, Palmer Report pointed out that this left Donald Trump with a no-win decision. He really needs this debate, and can’t afford to boycott it. But if he’s forced to play by the rules, does he stand a chance in the debate anyway?

Rachel Maddow made a great point on her MSNBC show tonight. Joe Biden is currently on a path to victory, so he has no reason or need to participate in this final debate. In fact, considering how much of a joke Trump turned the debates into, probably the only reason Biden hasn’t bailed on the final debate is that he would risk taking heat for doing so. But now we’re in a situation where neither candidate wants the debate, which means that it could simply get quietly canceled.


Meanwhile, Rachel Maddow also pointed out tonight that if you’re worried about whether the pundits and polls and prognosticators are correct about the election, the only proper response is to get out there and do something about it. You can phone bank for a campaign, volunteer to work at a polling place, or simply make sure the people in your personal circle turn out to vote.

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