The story of Jeffrey Epstein’s death takes a surreal new turn

With just about everything going wrong for Donald Trump that can possibly go wrong for him right now, the last thing he needs is his child molester friend Jeffrey Epstein back in the headlines, right? So naturally, Epstein is back in the headlines today. Even worse, the headlines are talking about Epstein having possibly been murdered.

Before anyone gets too carried away, keep a few things in mind. The forensic pathologist hired by Jeffrey Epstein’s family is merely pointing to some broken neck bones that are more consistent with murder than suicide. This isn’t even necessarily something new, as these broken bones were discovered in the original autopsy. This pathologist is simply arguing that the coroner may have made the wrong conclusion.

Further, the pathologist made his case this morning exclusively on Fox & Friends, one of the very least reputable shows on the least reputable cable news network. In fact the only logical reason someone would choose to appear on the laughably disreputable Fox & Friends is if they’re trying to get a message to Donald Trump, who is a devoted viewer.

In fact that may be Donald Trump’s biggest problem here. Jeffrey Epstein’s family is suddenly sending someone on Trump’s favorite TV show to promote months-old information about inconsistencies in Epstein’s autopsy. Why? Is this to send some kind of a message to Trump? Does Epstein’s family know more about Trump than they’re letting on? Stay tuned, because whatever is going on here, it’s probably just getting started.

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