JD Vance crashes and burns


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It is extremely difficult to have a conversation with a wall. Walls do not think, and they cannot answer back. Walls are just walls. And the Ohio nominee on the GOP side for senator, JD Vance, might as well be a wall because nobody appears to be able to get through to him.

Vance has, in the last few months, been doing a great job of royally screwing up his campaign. They’re broke. Vance has not been doing many events. Even Republicans are starting to worry about the lazy and awful campaign Vance is running. And there is someone else who is worried — advocates for domestic abuse survivors.

This is because Vance has not been able to keep his misogynistic comments to himself. It is easy to understand, I suppose. It takes time and effort to be someone else, and for Vance, he seems content — for now anyway — to be his true rotten self. But his comments about women staying in abusive relationships for the sake of the children have upset advocates who say Vance’s comments are dangerous.

Lydia Strauss, who is an advocate for abused women, had this to say: “Vance thinks we should stay in violent marriages, he wants to make abortion illegal nationally, he called rape inconvenient and even compared abortion to slavery.”

Vance also blamed divorce on the sexual revolution. The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence says one of every four women will experience violence at the hands of a partner. Those are some terrifying numbers.

Not for Vance, who does not appear to care about these women. His most obvious desire is to win a seat in the Senate while doing as little work as possible. And taking a page from his ruler, Donald J. Trump, Vance cannot or will not dial back the misogyny. It’s a problem. So vote for Tim Ryan.


Ohio has a choice this November. Tim Ryan is one of the best candidates Ohio has ever seen. To be represented by a man like that would only mean good things for Ohio. What would Vance do if elected? Well — we don’t know because Vance is a chameleon. He is whoever his rulers want him to be at any given time. But we do know one thing. Vance could not care less about the women of Ohio, and he has shown it time and again. Ohio women, are you listening?


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