Jared Kushner is playing with fire

Yesterday there were major media reports that Jared Kushner had all but disappeared from the Trump regime’s coronavirus response. This apparently didn’t work for him, so he made a point of appearing on Fox News, where he bragged about how great the Trump regime’s response is going. Why?

We’ve seen ongoing reports for months that there are two separate coronavirus response teams fighting for power within the Trump regime: the official team and Kushner’s shadow team. Recent reports suggest that Kushner and his team have been shoved aside. His public appearance today was presumably some kind of an attempt at regaining some leverage for his team. It makes sense, from a power-hungry villain perspective.

The thing is, though, the Trump regime’s response is going to end up being seen as a failure – a dishonestly negligent one – by most of the public. If Trump loses the election, we’ll likely see him criminally prosecuted for negligent homicide, along with all the other various crimes he’s committed. The last thing any of Trump’s underlings should be wanting to do right now is to establish themselves as one of the faces of Trump’s negligent response.

Then again, if you’re Kushner, perhaps you feel you have nothing to lose. If Trump loses the election, it’s all over for Kushner anyway. Maybe he’s trying to milk things as much as he can, while he still can. Still, the only thing dumber than remaining on a sinking ship is publicly establishing yourself as one of the top decision makers on that sinking ship; there’ll be hell to pay once it goes under.

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